Why employ a garden designer in winter..

November 19, 2013

  Why on earth would you bother to contact a garden designer in the middle of winter? You aren’t spending too much time outside and you certainly aren’t thinking ahead to next spring.   You’ll get on with some decorating for a month or two maybe…then when the sun gradually warms and the days lengthen […]

Preparing the garden for winter

November 9, 2013

  Autumn leaves are falling fast, daylight hours receding meaning that winter is almost upon us. So what should we do to prepare our gardens for the onslaught of the inevitable cold, wet weather?   Here’s a reminder:   Clear the fallen leaves from paths and lawns.   Move terracotta pots and ceramic containers close […]

Cambridge University Botanic Gardens

January 21, 2012

    A clear, crisp and sunny morning last weekend, gave us the perfect excuse for a public garden visit. So we took ourselves off to Cambridge with the frost still thick on the ground.   Too early for snowdrops but nevertheless there was much to be admired, both in the winter garden and the […]

Evergreen Shrubs

January 9, 2012

    Evergreens are not usually the star performers in our gardens, but without them the scene can be rather bleak.Never is this more true than in the winter, when they can add valuable colour & structure to our gardens.   In design terms we may select them to give solidity and weight to a […]

Winter Joy

January 1, 2012
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    The winter solstice has passed and the days are just beginning to stretch a little.. barely perceptible but by the end of this month, the difference in day length will be evident.   The bulbs are already pushing their way through the soil and the clear, sharp light of January reveals the bare […]