Plant Profile: Daphne odora “Aureomarginata”

March 27, 2013

  My plant of the moment is Daphne odora “Aureomarginata”… Each winter I keep an eye out as the buds swell on this lovely evergreen. Then one day I open the front door and the fragrance greets me and there she is properly flowering! Admittedly the recent cold spell means that the sweet smell is […]

Bulb Service (2011)

August 31, 2011
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Bulbs are often the last stage in planning a new planting scheme but they are not to be underestimated. They offer so much in terms of “extra sparkle” in the garden and never is this more evident than when they emerge in the early spring, to lift our spirits after the grey of winter.   […]

My garden in May

June 7, 2011

  The garden has been looking lovely, in spite of the drought. Here’s some photos of what I’ve been enjoying this past month…        

April’s Happenings

April 30, 2011

April was a busy month and, as often seems to happen with the early spring, zipped by in a flurry of activity. Work-wise there were new clients to meet and garden designs to embark on, as well as “old” clients and friends to assist with pruning jobs and always the pull of my own garden […]

Tree Peonies

April 23, 2011
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The Tree Peony outside our French doors opened its blooms on the 22nd April –our daughter’s birthday! Only two flowers this year on the cerise one and a single flower on the white one but oh the glamour of those flowers…