Preparing the garden for winter

November 9, 2013


Autumn leaves are falling fast, daylight hours receding meaning that winter is almost upon us. So what should we do to prepare our gardens for the onslaught of the inevitable cold, wet weather?


Here’s a reminder:


Clear the fallen leaves from paths and lawns.


Move terracotta pots and ceramic containers close to the house, raise them up on pot feet or bricks to protect against the frost and bubble wrap any fragile or precious ones.


Plants such as Agapanthus dislike winter wet so a position under the overhang of the house can offer much needed protection against the rain.


Move tender plants to a frost free greenhouse if possible.


Line the greenhouse with bubble wrap and use a heater if necessary.


Wrap any vulnerable garden plants that can’t be moved with a layer of fleece.


Mulch the crowns of rhubarb with compost or straw and fold leaves over


Collect and save the last of the seeds from perennials


Cover ponds and be ready to place a small ball in the water if it freezes


And finally plant some pots with something nice for winter!


A few cyclamen to lift the spirits


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